Admit it ladies. We all desire to own tons of makeup but without having to pay the huge price tag that comes along with it. But there are certain products that are a must have for any woman which are available at decent prices. So here they go…


The lip balm is an absolute must have for women of any age. Whether you are a college going girl, a working woman or a housewife the good old lip balm comes to our rescue whenever we have chapped lips. There are a variety of flavours and colours to choose from when it comes to the lip balm . This makes it to come at number one in the list.babylips


Making it to the number two spot on our list is the BB Cream. BB creams provide coverage and they are not too heavy on the skin. This makes them good to be used on a daily basis. A lot of cosmetic brands are coming up with their own versions of the BB cream and they are pocket friendly as well. So the BB Cream is an absolute must have for all of us.



The eyeliner is a must have in any woman’s beauty bag. Just a swipe of the eyeliner can make your eyes pop and that too without much of the effort. Eyeliners now-a-days are available in just any colour that you can imagine.A lot of brands are coming up with different eyeliners with a very small price tag along with them. So go ahead and make your eyes pop with the eyeliner.



Not all of us have that perfect pink cheeks but there’s nothing to be sad about it because we have our best friend blusher to our rescue. Using the blusher you can get the  rose pink blush that you desired for. Choose the color that most suits your skin and you are good to go!



Making it at number five in the list is the lipstick. A lipstick is an absolute must have for every woman. It makes you look a million bucks with just a swipe on the lips. There is a lipstick colour for every mood right from the subtle browns to bold reds and even black! How amazing is that!!! even if you are not wearing any makeup you can always put on lipstick on your lips. You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a lipstick. A lot of high end brands have also launched their budget range of lipsticks so thats a really good news for all of us :D. So just swipe  the lipstick and get ready to roll!!!


Hope that you liked the post. What are your beauty must haves?? Do mention in the comments 😀


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