Lip shades every woman should have 💋

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I know its quite a while since my last post as I had a really hectic schedule because of my college exams 😦 but I am back and I am really happy to write again 😀

Lipstick plays a very important part to complete any makeup look so it is very important to chose the right shade according to every occasion. Here is a list of lippy shades which I feel  every woman should have.

1. Blood red

This is my absolute favourite as a lip colour. Whenever you are not in a mood for makeup while going for a party and you still wanna look your best the red lipstick comes to our rescue. Bold red lips make you stand out of the crowd as it looks super stylish!


2.Bright pink

Bright pink lips look really adorable. It makes you look fresh without much effort. Pink looks great with flowy dresses and skirts and adds an extra feminine touch to the attire.



Nude lips are very much in trend and they look great with dark smoky eyes. Nude lipstick can also be worn at work as it is very subtle.


4. Coral

Coral is somewhere between  orange and pink. Coral lips.look super flattering during the day. You can wear this lippy shade for a brunch or coffee with friends.


5. Berry
Beery lips are very much in trend now. From celebs to makeup gurus almost everyone can be seen sporting the berry lips. From purples to maroons you have a variety to choose from. These shades at a lot of drama to your outfit and are perfect for teaming up with evening gowns.


These are the shades which will suit any occasion. Be it matte or glossy you have a variety to choose from. What do you think do share in the comments 🙂

*image courtesy Pinterest


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