All that glitters is GOLD!😍

Hello lovelies!  How are you all doing?  After reading the title you all must have figured out that this post has something to do with gold and yes you all are right! I have a crazy obsession for gold. Be it the outfits, shoes , makeup, accessories  if it is gold I need that in my life 😀 So I thought why not do a post on Gold and how to incorporate it in your look!

How to incorporate gold in your look is the biggest question that comes to your mind because the right amount of gold in your look can make you look really classy where as a little too much can make you look like a golden statue!
Here are the ways you can use gold in your looks.

A Gold outfit

From elegant soft gold gowns to shimmery dresses. A gold outfit is the easiest thing you can do to incorporate gold in your look.You can also wear high waisted gold shorts with a crop top to add that bling to your outfit. However its not necessary that you wear an entirely gold outfit.You can also use gold prints in the look depending on  the occasion.


Gold accessories

Gold accessories add the right amout of glamour to your outfit. An lbd teamed up with gold accessories look really elegant. A single tone jumpsuit teamed up with a gold clutch or a statement neckpiece will surely make heads turn.



Gold shoes

From sneakers to stilettos you can use gold to sparkle up your feet as well.



Gold makeup

Rose gold smokey eyes look stunning for an evening look whereas a pop of gold toned highlighter and bronzer gives a warm glow to the skin.



Gold nails

How can we forget gold manicured nails. If you are not doing much with accessories a gold mani will add the necessary golden touch to your overall look. A variety of gold nailpolishes and top coats are available easily to get the perfect gold nails.



Gold bag

A gold clutch or a sling bag on a colour blocked dress makes you look glamorous effortlessly. 



All these can be done to get the gold diva look easily. Please do share what you all think about the colour gold and how you all incorporate it. 😚
Thanks for reading:)

Image courtesy – polyvore


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