Essence Stay Natural Concealer Soft Honey | Review

Hello lovelies! Firstly a very happy Valentine’s day to you all! Today I am back with another review and this time it is for the Essence Stay Natural Concealer in the shade Soft Honey. It was an impulsive purchase that I made so lets see how it fares!


The concealer comes in a pen form which has a brush applicator at one end and a twist knob at the other just like the Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer.I was a bit disappointed with the packaging. When I saw it online it had a pink cap but mine came with the same beige cap. Also there was no outer cover for the concealer.

♡Cost: INR 249 (USD $4 approx)



♡My Experience:
It was the first time I was using a concealer in a pen form. The pen needs to be twisted a few times for the product to come on the brush. I have read that some people had difficulty in getting the product on the brush for the first time which did not happen with me. I picked up the wrong shade courtesy online shopping 😦 It was a bit dark and  had pink undertones to it. So I can only use it to conceal some spots or use it as an eye primer. The consistency of the concealer is pretty thick and it dries fast so you need to blend it quickly. It feels a bit heavy as well. However I did test this under my eyes and found that it stayed put for around 5 hours after which it started to crease a bit which I felt was good given the price. Overall I think it is a good cheap concealer for beginners if you find the right shade 🙂

♡My rating: I would give this concealer a 3.8/5.

Have you ever tried this concealer? How was your experience? Feel free to tell in the comments section below.
Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Essence Stay Natural Concealer Soft Honey | Review”

  1. I have tried it once, but I don’t think I will buy it again. I couldn’t find a shade that suits for me, after trying I just bought closest one. I had that difficulty in getting product on brush, for first time. I twisted that one end, but it was going around and around, without any product coming out. But after some minutes of patience, I finally got something to work with. 🙂
    Concealer itself is good, it covered all blemishes and imperfections, but I couldn’t wear it for long, because of the wrong shade I choosed. After trying it once, I gave it to my friend. She loved it, so I think it’s a good concealer anyways. 🙂

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