Feature Friday!


Hello lovelies! I have decided that I will be starting a feature friday series which will feature any makeup/beauty/fashion  related article from you all! Yes you’ve read it right! This way you can get new visitors to your blog 🙂 You can send me your favourite posts/articles or any post on my email: themakeupbutterfly@gmail.com
(The article/post should be your own and not anyone else’s)
Along with that send me a link to your blog and I will post the link along with your article. Due credit will be given. Sounds great?
Drop me an email in the given format

NAME: (Your name because I’ll be writing your name as the author)
LINK: (Here give a link to your blog)
         Example: https://themakeupbutterfly.wordpress.com

YOUR ARTICLE: Preferably in a Microsoft Word Document format

P.S. if you’re using images from the web please do mention the source/give due credits.

Please submit your own genuine articles and not þhe ones copied from the Internet 🙂

Instagram: @simply_shaz


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