Go PINK with #GlossierPink

Hey Lovelies! How are you all doing? Today’s post will be all about PINK. Yes Pink! Pink is one of my favourite colours and I was really inspired by Glossier’s Glossier Pink board on Pinterest so I thought why not do a post on it 😀

For all of you who don’t know what Glossier is, it is an amazing makeup brand which celebrates real girls, in real lives. Isn’t that great? To know more about Glossier click here

They make some really interesting products from flavoured lip balms called balm dotcom (isn’t that cute??) to cleansers to even highlighters! I recommend that you all have a look at their products here.

So in today’s post I will be showing you guys how you can incorporate this very feminine colour (Pink.. off course ) into your look.

There are many ways in which you can include pink in your look without looking over the top. Here’s how:


SHOES: Yes pink shoes! Why not? From stilettoes to flats you can include pink footwear into your wadrobe. Team up pink stilettoes with a white top and blue jeans and you are ready for a cool everyday look.

pink shoes gp1

BOTTOMS: Pink skirts are amazing for a fresh everyday look. It adds a feminine touch to any one who wears it. Pink shorts are equally very appealing and girly. You can team them up with a blingy tank top or a crop top and turn them into an outfit perfect for a girls night out! Pink pants and jeans are equally versatile and everyone has an option to chose from according to their body types from skinny to even flared!

bottoms gp2

JEWELLERY: No more does your jewellery need to be restricted to golds and silvers. A pink statement piece is sure to make heads turn. Team up an LBD with a pink statement necklace or a pink bracelet or even big chandelier earrings and you are good to go.

jewel gp3

ACCESSORIES: If you are not comfortable wearing pink clothes you can definitely incorporate pink in your accessories! Pink sunglasses, a pink scarf, a pink umbrella to even a pink cell phone case! You have a lot of variety to chose from. So go ahead and go pink!

acess gp4

Pssst…. Glossier has an amazing accessory called the G pin. It is soo cute and you can wear it almost everyday. Check it out here

logo gpin gp5

DRESSES: Though all may not like wearing a full pink dress, it looks absolutely fantastic be it day or even night. With so many available options you can chose what best suits you!

dress gp6

BAGS: Bags are a great way to include pink. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can chose the one which suits you or the one which you are comfortable in carrying.

bags gp7

MAKEUP: This is perhaps the most easiest way to incorporate pink in your everyday attire. I am sure each one of us owns atleast one pink shade of lipstick. Glossier has some really pretty pink lipsticks. You can even use a nice pink blush to add a lovely colour to the face or even go for a pink mani!

makeup gp8

Here are some basic sets I created just to give you an idea.

sets gp8

Hope you enjoyed going through the post. Feel free to tell me how you incorporate pink in your look in the comments section below and go #GlossierPink

Have a nice day 🙂


Email: themakeupbutterfly@gmail.com

Instagram : @themakeupbutterfly

*image courtesy: Glossier and Polyvore*


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