Faceshop Real Nature Lily Face mask | Review

Hi guys! I am finally back after a long long time. I missed blogging so much 😦 Anyways its feels good to be back. This time I have a lot of product reviews to share with you all which I loved over time.So lets begin!

Okay so when I was away from blogging there has been a boom of Korean beauty products especially sheetmasks. We all agree that Koreans have amazing skin and that is the reason why the world is going ga-ga over Korean skincare products in order to achieve flawless skin. Sheetmasks are one of the most affordable and easy to use Korean skincare products. The most easily available Korean skincare brand in India is definitely Faceshop. Faceshop have a variety of sheetmasks available. I tried a few of them to see if they are really worth the hype.So without wasting any time lets jump into the review. 


The sheetmask come inside a matte packet which is quite slim and sturdy which makes it easy to carry.The packaging has instructions written in English and Korean.So it makes it easy to understand how to use it. Inside the sheetmask is made up of cotton which is soaked in serum.

How to use:

The instructions say to wash the face first and then pat dry it and then place  the mask nicely on the face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. After that remove the mask and then pat the remainimg serum gently into the skin using your fingers.


Each sheetmask costs INR 100 but you can get it on discount too on leading websites.


My skin is going through a very bad phase resulting in breakouts and so I was really skeptical of trying anything new. But I had heard of bloggers say that Faceshop’s sheet masks are really good as they calm down the irritated skin and that there were almoat no side effects. So I thought why not give it a try! I got the Lily sheetmask which is said to brighten up the face and revitalize skin. Following the instructions I first washed my face and then placed the mask on the face.Firstly, the mask smells amazing!However it is a bit difficult to put on the sheet on the face especially for the first time but I got used to it with time.It is a one size fits all type of a sheet mask and so people having a bigger face may have some problem in adjusting it. After leaving on thr mask for a gpod 20 minutes I removed it and gently patted the remaining serum into the skin. My skin felt very soft from the first time itself and yes it does make the skin glow.It did help to calm my skin down and I did not see any extra breakouts after its use so I was very happy.Overall these sheetamasks are affordable and really worth the hype. I think everyone should give it a try atleast once. The range has something for everyone.


I would give this sheet mask 4 stars out of 5. One star less as its not available offline and also because of its size issue.

Have you ‘ll tried any of the sheet masks by Faceshop? How was your experience? Tell me in the comments below.

Have a nice day! 🙂
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