Maybelline x Gigi Hadid liquid liner| Review

Hi guys welcome back!

We all know that recently Gigi Hadid has launched her very own limited-edition makeup collection in collaboration with Maybelline New York. The collection consists of a variety of products from lips to eyes to face.

The collection was launched internationally a few months back but was avaialable in india only recently. It was very much hyped about by many bloggers so I really wanted to try it myself whether or not it was worth they hype.

Out of the enire collection I was quite intrigued by the felt tip liquid eyeliner and so I picked it up! 

So lets put it to test and see how it fares.

◇Price: INR 499


The best thing about the MaybellineXGigi Hadid collection definitely has to be its packaging. The packaging is not like any other ordinary one which usually consists of  either blacks or whites. Maybelline has really upped their game with its packaging for this collection which is peachy multichrome and looks very stylish.It can defintely give any high end brand a run for its money in terms of packaging.The eyeliner is in the form of a pen with a very precise tip which is flexible. It coms with a cap which closes securely however you need to be extra careful while putting the cap back on to the liner as chances are you might ruin its tip.

◇My Thoughts: I was pretty excited for trying this eyeliner as I have never tried a felt tip one before. The tip of this eyeliner is not smooth and flexible like a brush which is good because it doesn’t hurt at the time of application. The consistency of the liner is thin but not very runny so, you need to layer it in order to get a jet black finish. I was easy to draw a winged  liner with this liner as compared to a brush as it is precise.It stayed on my eyes for 5-6 hours.Its not completely smudge proof as I have the habit of rubbing my eyes often and it did smear a  bit but not much. 

In all I enjoyed using this eyeliner. I recommed this to everyone who hasn’t tried a felt tip liner before as it is good for beginners.


Left-single stroke, Right- Two strokes

◇Rating: I would give it a 4/5


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